Online Tux Rentals, Delivered to Your Door

How to Measure for an Online Tuxedo Rental

What You Will Need

Grab a friend and a fabric tape measure. Watch the videos and that's it! Very simple. Once you have all of the measurements, just complete the form below and your good to go. 


Stand straight up and place the tape up under your arms, put your arms at your side, and run the tape over the shoulder blades, and around the largest part of your chest. Don’t pull too tight.


Measure with the coat off and place the tape over the arms and measure the same place as the chest.


Place the tape around the neck where the shirt will button. Place two fingers between the tape and the neck to ensure breathing room.


Sleeve: Put your arms to the side and place the tape in the middle of your shoulders at the top of the back where the neck hits the back. Allow the tape to go over the shoulder past the elbow and then to the middle of the wrist or about 1” past the wrist.


Measure your waist at the top of your pants. Do not measure around your naval if you wear your pants lower than that. This measurement should be similar to what you buy at the store for a pair of jeans.

Pant Length

Outseam: Take your shoes off and measure from the top of the pant (pull them up to where a pair of pants would be worn with a tucked in shirt) then to the floor right next to the heel.

Shoe Size

Tux shoes fit like a basic pair of dress shoes, they just look better.