Online Tux Rentals, Delivered to Your Door

Rental Policies

Package Pricing:

The price quoted for each tuxedo coat in the tux designer includes a tuxedo shirt, pant, vest or cummerbund, tie, studs and cufflinks. Additional fees will be charged for shoes, pocket squares, slim fit pants, fitted or microfiber shirts, and some accessories.

Accidental Damage Waiver:

When you rent a coat there is an additional $5.00 damage waiver charged. It will cover damage done to any part of the garment. In the case of an accidental damage, you will not be liable for the replacement of the piece.

Shipping Charges:

Ground shipping on all tuxedo packages is free. Faster shipping will be charged at checkout. A return shipping label will be sent with your tuxedo rental. To return your rental, simply put rental back in the box it was sent in, place the label on the box and send it back to Tuxship.

Return Agreement:

You agree to return the tuxedo no later than one business day after your event. Saturdays and Sundays are excluded.

Late Fees:

There will be a $50 fee for any tuxedo not returned to UPS/Fedex on the business day following the event. The credit card on file will be charged the late fee incurred. There will be an additional $15 per day late fee for every day the tux is not returned to our warehouse. (We regret to charge late fees. However we are charged a late fee from our supplier if they are not returned on time.)

Lost or not returned merchandise:

After 15 days past the ship back date we will charge your credit card the following replacement costs: Coat - $250, Pant - $100, Vest - $80, Tie - $25, Pocket Square - $4, Shoes - $40, Shirt - $50.


All cancellations must be done over the phone. You will be charged a processing and assembly fee of $20 for any cancelled order. Cancellations made within 10 days of scheduled rental will be charged the full rental cost.